Dream Tint Multi-Media Group was founded in 2018 with a group of young marketing innovators. Our mission is to help our clients succeed in the blooming Chinese market under our professional guidance. We develop uniquely crafted marketing programs to achieve the best outcomes, taking into consideration any challenges and constraints that need to be conquered along the way to secure the success of our campaigns. We provide strategic guidance and clarity to our clients and work closely with them from the planning stage through tactical execution, reporting, and success conversion.

We are meticulous and careful, and daring – when it’s necessary. 


Meet The Team


Tony's detail-oriented process leads to polished products and frustration-free workflow. He fearlessly tackles the most challenging technical requirements and help bring the team's vision to life.

Tony Haotian

Matilda brings all aspects of business strategy to the table, focusing on emerging technology, financial service, and creative. She is also the mastermind for creative direction and concept development.


Matt creates growth-generating strategies by challenging typical business models and driving innovation for best expansion results. He helps the team to build rewarding relationships across the globe in cultures and industries