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The Sole purpose of advertising is to generate sales

Redirecting Traffic  |  International Logistics  |  Customer Service

After the right blend of strategic engagement, wide reaching PR, and efficient paid media, our ultimate goal is to increase your brand awareness and boost sales. We offer a wide range of international trading services for our customer to expand their market to China and enjoy a borderless experience.


In companion with our marketing strategies, we help customers to manage a flow pipeline and redirect marketing traffics to your desired marketplace platform.


We have local partners across Mainland China and the U.S. who expert in outsourced transportation service for small & medium shippers. We also offer consultations on international logistics support, Customs Brokerage & compliance, and freight forwarding service.


  • Our affordable customer service software allows small & medium business to be more reliable, flexible and scalable. They help improve communication while make sense of massive amounts of data. 

  • We also provide options for programmed AI customer service and outsourced live chat customer service.

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